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Three Types of Bets and Payouts

It's so exciting to feel like we're really there at the Kentucky Derby and betting, especially walking up to the teller to get your winnings when you've backed the victorious horse. However, for most of us, it's simply unrealistic to go to Louisville, so betting on the web is the best option.

Betting Options

If you're completely new at this whole Kentucky Derby fever, there are three kinds of bets you can make, whether online or in person:


This one is quite easy - the horse you pick must win so you can collect your own winnings.


For this bet, you win if your chosen horse finishes number 1 or number 2.


This bet on kentucky derby calls for your horse to finish in the top 3 for you to win.

How Payouts Are Determined

The payouts you get depend not only on the amount of in the pot, but also on how difficult it is for you to win. Obviously, you receive the most as a Show bettors, and the least as a Win bettors.

More Daring Bets

For a bit more zing to your Kentucky horse betting experience, you can try something different. Maybe you are very attracted to more than one horse but can't select one. In such a case, try an EXACTA bet. With this bet, you try to guess which horse will win first and second places, and if you're correct, the payout will be big. If you're doubtful you can make a good prediction, try boxing your bet and raising your chances of winning. You will pay double though, but to win, any of those two horses you chose can finish first or second. If you are confident about making predictions, go for a TRIFECTA bet. This time, you have to pick which horses you think will end up in the top 3. Finally, you can make a SUPERFECTA bet, where you predict the four horses that will end up in the top four spots by the end of the race.

Selecting a Bet

If you've always wanted to bet in the Kentucky Derby, it's not necessary to be a professional handicapper. But of course, the more you know about the event, the better you can control your game. If you're an amateur handicapper who wants to win some big cash, remember not to get too overwhelmed by contenders placing big bets. Keep in mind that this is no more than a game, so don't go overboard. Have fun with it and be wise as possible with your bets, relying on what your knowledge tells you. Find interesting facts about sports betting at

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